commercial air freshener | No: 1, Homemade air fresher

I don’t know about you, but for
everyone, smell is very important. If
someone smells bad, even if he is
a good and smart person, it is hard
to concentrate on anything but the
unpleasant body odour. Same
with houses: you do not want to
return to a home that stinks.
Which is why we want to share
some tips with you on how to
make liquid air freshener at home.

Every home has its own special
smell. Not everyone can afford expensive
store bought air fresheners.
Cheap air fresheners often do not
do their job and smell terrible. However, not all homes, place of work etc.
smell nice and fresh. So how should you deal with bad
smells in your house?

Then you can make your own air freshener!
There are so many ways you can
improve the aroma of your home.

Does your home smell stale? Or perhaps you want to add a breath of freshness and fragrance to it? This article will show you are few ways to make a simple air freshener. Some simply add fragrance to your home, while others help get rid of bad odors in addition to leaving behind a nice scent.



What do we need to get started (commercial air freshener)

Containers or bowels
A measuring cup
Stirring stick
1 measurement of perfume
10 measurement of distilled water
1/10 measurement of catalyst
Menthol (optional)
Color or dye (optional)
A funnel
A spray bottle


if you decide to use 1 litre of water (which is1000 ml).
Therefore, you need to use 100 ml
of perfume and 10 ml of your

The dye is optional, you can add it to make your air freshener look prettier.

However, not everyone likes the
smell of menthol, Menthol will give your work a crispy fresh kick. So decide for yourself, whether you want to use or not.

Air fresheners making process:

Step 1. Measure your ingredients.
Pour the catalyst and the perfume
into one of your containers,close
the lid tightly and give it a solid

Step 2. After half a minute of
intensive shaking, take the lid off
and pour the contents into another
container or bowl.

Step 3. Pour your deionized water
into the same container. If you’ve
decided to use menthol and
colouring, add them now. After
you have placed all of the
ingredients into the bowl, give the
mixture a stir. Continue stirring
until the substances are mixed
together well.

Step 4. Move the contents of the
bowl into a spray bottle by using
the funnel or just by carefully pouring the liquid from the bowl to
the bottle. That means! Your air
freshener is ready to be used.
History of air fresher
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